Koala bear coffee

While at the local Emirates Co-Op, some packaging catches my eye. It’s black, white and lime green with Arabic designs.

Nescafe Arabiana

I’m always a sucker for new food products – the weirder, the better.

It’s Nescafé Arabiana – instant Arabic coffee with cardamom. One sachet for AED 1.25. I pick two up – breakfast sorted.

Fast forward to the next morning. The instructions on the package are only in Arabic. I empty the sachets into my mugs. I prefer my Nescafé My Cups with less water, so I follow the same logic. But wait, this doesn’t look like coffee. It looks like tea. And whoa, I’m knocked out by that fragrance.

Nescafe Arabiana

So I sample it. I can taste the fake creamer and some pungent perfume. It must be the cardamom flavour. I take another sip to taste it again. There’s a strong lingering aftertaste burning my mouth. Some kind of menthol? And it hits me – eucalyptus!

I already knew I wasn’t the target market for this product, but eucalyptus-flavoured coffee isn’t my bag. So I’ll be sticking to my normal American-style brewed coffee for now until I find the next best thing.

Adventure Rating 3

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