Breakfast with orangutans

Like everything else in Singapore, the Singapore Zoo is clean, efficient, and remarkably well done. With so much vegetation and clever landscaping, the animal enclosures are so well integrated into the surroundings that it could almost pass for a natural jungle habitat. As soon as we walked in, we spotted some langurs and macaques scurrying across the branches above us, as if they were roaming free.

I love animals. And I love to eat. So what better than the “Breakfast with the Orangutans” at the Singapore Zoo?


This is a clever marketing ploy – you pay $33 on top of the standard zoo admission fee for a buffet breakfast and a photo op. But good thing I also love a good marketing gimmick.


You can get breakfast, which was neither here nor there, at your leisure while the staff bring some of the more gregarious orangutans to sit on an elevated tree trunk next to the dining area. You don’t get to hold or touch them. But you can get close enough to take some decent snaps of them posing, or you can stand in a queue so the staff can take a photo of you with the orangutans in the background.


I didn’t find the experience quite as mind-blowing as one might expect based on the glorified description on their website of this “award-winning”, “eye-opening”, “spectacular”, “amazing to behold” experience. It’s a bit hectic with a hoard of children and camera-toting parents, crowding around the orangutans and angling for the best shot. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it and would still recommend it to anyone with the cash to spend who likes primates as much as I do!


The Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife takes place in Ah Meng Restaurant from 9am to 10:30am. Advance booking is suggested.


Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
+65 6269 3411
Entrance to Singapore Zoo is currently SG$32 per adult.
Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife costs SG$33.

Adventure Rating 2

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