New choc on the block

Not since Dairy Milk launched their Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells have I been so excited by a chocolate bar.

Some people love their plain milk chocolate. For me, the weirder the better.

So imagine my excitement being given one simple Lindt Sweet Popcorn chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day.

Sweet popcorn

This Lindt Hello product was first launched in Switzerland in 2013 and finally made its way to the UAE earlier this year. At the moment, the range seems to be limited to only 5 of the least outlandish varieties – Salted Caramel, Sweet Popcorn, Cookies & Cream, Crunchy Nougat and Dark Chocolate Cookie.


Further afield, you can get flavours which are more up my alley, like Apple Crumble, Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Brownie, Coffee Blast, Chocolate Sundae, Coconut Kiss and Pink Explosion (with raspberry popping rocks).

Lindt are clearly targeting millennials and use fun fonts and icons and a playful marketing message to give these chocolates a distinct personality, distinguishing them from a slew of dull, boring, common chocolates. Call me crazy, but I also love how they anthropomorphize their chocolate bars – how could quotes like “Pleased to meet you,” “I’ll make your tummy yummy,” or “Like a salty kiss” not put a smile on your face? Unless you’re a grumpy curmudgeon, in which case you’re clearly not the target market anyway.

As a foodie, I love the variety. I love having a flavour for every mood. I love having the option of a single serving finger or a standard-sized chocolate bar. All with the high quality, super-smooth, melt-in-your-mouth feeling of all Lindt chocolates that makes you feel like you’re savouring a special treat.

As a marketer, I love this story of a market leader which continues to innovate and launch new products based on market research and changing consumer trends. Which is able to identify a new target market then develop a successful premium-priced product line that can attract them, thereby driving more revenue. And which can create attractive packaging that jumps out at you off the shelves and marketing which enhances the personality of their brand.

As a consumer, I would certainly buy this product (and have!), even though I have never bought a (boring) Lindt Excellence or Creation bar (despite the fact that they also have some interesting flavour combinations). I would definitely pay a premium for this product (and I have!). I would definitely be happy to receive this as a gift (and I have!). I would definitely buy this as a gift (and have!). And I will definitely seek out all the flavours – no matter where in the world I have to go to find them.

All Lindt Hello bars have a minimum of 30% cocoa solids, compared to 26% for Cadbury Dairy Milk and 11% for Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Available in the UAE from Choithrams and Geant supermarkets, and possibly others.

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