Picky eater? Custom CupNoodles anyone?

Yokohama’s CupNoodles Museum is a compact museum which is perfect for any lover of food and pop culture. Alongside the exhibits on the life of instant ramen inventor, Momofuku Ando, there are two interactive activities including the Chicken Ramen Factory (where you prepare instant ramen from scratch) and the My CupNoodles Factory where you can decorate and customise your own package of instant noodles.

My CupNoodles Factory

The entire museum emphasises the themes of creativity and innovation and the My CupNoodles Factory is one of the areas which encourages this. You see couples, families, old and young alike, hunched over at tables with their brightly coloured markers, bringing their doodles to life on their styrofoam CupNoodles cups.

xMy CupNoodles tables

In typical Japanese fashion, you use a vending machine to purchase your empty styrofoam CupNoodles cup for ¥300.

xMy CupNoodles

You then proceed to one of the tables, summon your inner artist and let the creative juices flow.

My CupNoodles Factory Rob

Once you’re happy with your masterpiece, you take your empty cup up to the My CupNoodles Factory counter where the real fun begins. Noodles, check!

My CupNoodles noodles

Flavour and toppings, check! Choose from curry, seafood, tomato or chicken soups and a selection of toppings including pork, roast chicken, shrimp, imitation crab, potato, corn, green beans, egg, cheese, green onions, kimchi, garlic chips or little chips with a cartoon chicken face.

My CupNoodles toppings

Ta-da! Your custom CupNoodles are finished!

My CupNoodles complete

They are sealed, shrink-wrapped, then encased in a curiously complicated, inflatable carrier bag, ready for you to take home and consume within 1 month.

My CupNoodles holder

And how did it taste? My pork, cheese, green onions and egg in what turned out to be a really thick curry sauce was absolutely delectable!

Eating my CupNoodles

Entry to the CupNoodles Museum is ¥500 per person. The My CupNoodles Factory costs an additional ¥300 per person. Pre-booking is not required, but do you need to reserve a time when purchasing your museum admission ticket. The whole process takes approximately 30-45 minutes – depending on how creative you’re feeling.

CupNoodles Museum
2-3-4 Shinko, Naka Ward
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0001
Tel: +81 45 345 0918

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